Concrete Chess Set

Entirely made of concrete the chess set surprises us with its design precision. Not just the chessboard and the pieces are concrete, the box where the figures and the board are kept is made of concrete too. The chessboard is extraordinarily thin due to the special formulation of the carbon fiber concrete, yet it is sturdy and compliant enough to withstand the pressures that apply to a play board. The figures are made of the concrete of greater density giving a player the feeling of great value and sovereignty. The board and the figures are kept in the box made of extremely light-weigth concrete.

Playing on this chess set is an experience of ergonomics, structure and weight of the material that is both archaic and modern at the same time.


340 x 340 x 34 mm
4,5 kg
Type of concrete
chessboard: Carbon UHPC (Carbon Ultra High Performance Concrete)
figures: UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete)
chess box: HPLAC (High Performance Lightweight Aggregate Concrete)""""""
Production technology
casting, silicone mold
grey (natural)